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Posts where people are the subject.

Working with Models – part 2

This piece is called “As Time Collapses”. The model, Pete, was photographed on a black background holding the crystal ball. As I said in the previous post, I do not often make photos of people so this was quite an experiment for me to undertake. Pete made it easy for me by being excellent at trying out different poses.

This image, plus the original shot, was published in an article by Sebastian Michaels in the magazine ‘Somerset Digital Studio’ in the Spring (US) Edition 2018 at the beginning of the year. It is very exciting and humbling to have your image chosen for publication.


Working with models…

I am not really what you’d call a ‘people’ photographer. That is, I don’t do portraits or weddings. I have done them, but they are not my preferred photography genre. However I attempted for the first time ever a concept shoot last September. A friend happened to have got dressed up for a ball, and when I spotted his pics, I told him I’d love to photograph him in that costume. It was rather fun, and Peter was a great model. He came up with many of the poses himself. A natural! The idea was for me to use the photos in my artwork, thus giving myself, and him, some unique images.

This one is the second one I’ve worked on. The first one was extremely successful and I was keen to do more. The first one, titled “As Time Collapses”, has been published in a fine art magazine. Watch the next post…

Sunset Rider


So, I haven’t posted a lot lately. I’ve been busy. I’ve undertaken an art course and it’s very exciting. It’s amazing to be creating images a bit different from my usual photography.

This image was one I submitted to a course assignment and it was chosen by Ride on Asheville, a skate and bmx rider shop, as one of their favourites for their promotion material. See the link here: “Ride on Asheville” blog.

We were given some images to choose from and then we had to create an art piece with that image. Mine here, features a bmx rider at sunset with Asheville town in the background.