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Fascinating Fungi


I am finding fungi quite intriguing. To photograph them can get quite awkward at times though. Although not with this image, I find myself often lying on my stomach to get the ground level angle I like. This has created a few funny situations, like my turning up home with clothes wet down my front, or having some insects like ants and centipedes using me as a public walkway, and once I had a Weka (native NZ bird) peck at the soles of my shoes. Maybe I should invest in an angle view finder…

It’s Summer…

There’s lots of colour in the garden. Yesterday morning it was bright overcast and calm, and ideal for some flower closeups. I was attracted to the Hebe bush next to the compost bin. The flowers are tiny but very pretty in shades from almost white through lavender and darker to a purple blue.
I’m quite pleased with the result and now I’m motivated to look at some other flower. Hmmm, my lilies are looking good… 🙂

Small is Beautiful


Last night Tom and I attended the opening of an Art Exhibition in a popular Gallery in Akaroa. I had the wonderful privilege of being asked to exhibit in their “Small is Beautiful” Christmas exhibition which will run until the 22nd. We loved looking at all the wonderful art of the other exhibitors, and getting to know some of them.

My own pieces were well received and I was delighted to hear the comments. The most popular were the birds and the one shown here was one of the first to sell.

This little bird is a female Tomtit, a New Zealand native bird, very tiny and very energetic. Difficult to photograph as it never sits still for long. She led me a merry dance before I was able to finally get this image of her.

Small is definitely beautiful, but I’m not ruling out the bigger birds either. I’ve been trying to get close to some pukekos and their chicks, without a lot of success to date. But I will keep trying.

It must be Spring

So many lovely flowers are blooming now we are spoilt for choice to photograph. These Iceland Poppies in a bed in the park were just too tempting to ignore. The bees thought so too…