Image Magic

Effects and Techniques

Photographic effects or techniques, whether in camera or in post production.

Watching backgrounds

Willow Catkins

When I’m out and about and want to make closeup of macro images, I’m always watching out for the background. Sometimes the subject is great but the whole effect is spoiled by the background.

The kind of background you get depends a lot on the lens and the settings. Here I wanted to blur the background, so used a telephoto lens and a relatively large aperture and made sure there was lots of distance behind the subject. Anything too close will become clearer in the shot and be a distraction. 

Not only do I look at objects and distance in the background, but I love to try and get a pleasing colour range. There’s a lot to think of when bringing that camera up to your eye… 

Willow branches

Sunset Rider


So, I haven’t posted a lot lately. I’ve been busy. I’ve undertaken an art course and it’s very exciting. It’s amazing to be creating images a bit different from my usual photography.

This image was one I submitted to a course assignment and it was chosen by Ride on Asheville, a skate and bmx rider shop, as one of their favourites for their promotion material. See the link here: “Ride on Asheville” blog.

We were given some images to choose from and then we had to create an art piece with that image. Mine here, features a bmx rider at sunset with Asheville town in the background.

Forgotten Melody


The photo galleries are functioning again. I still have to tweak them, but everything is basically up and running again, and at least my images can be viewed.

There is a new gallery. Fine Art Images. These images are artistically created. Some only slightly, maybe a split tone colour scheme added, or a bird inserted in the scene. At various times I create an image using textures.

This is something different to what I do generally and certainly is a work in progress. I have ideas that I will be developing on, so watch this space!

The image above was taken in an abandoned house. The organ is literally falling to pieces. There is dust everywhere and ivy vines are finding their way in from the walls outside. There isn’t a lot that I’ve done to the original image, just enhanced the feel of the light by accentuating the colour tones a little. The sunlight was shining through a curtain of leaves giving the highlighted areas a warm to green colour, while the areas in the shade retain the colour usually found in the shadier spots – blue. The effect in the dust laden air is quite dramatic.