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Working with Models – part 2

This piece is called “As Time Collapses”. The model, Pete, was photographed on a black background holding the crystal ball. As I said in the previous post, I do not often make photos of people so this was quite an experiment for me to undertake. Pete made it easy for me by being excellent at trying out different poses.

This image, plus the original shot, was published in an article by Sebastian Michaels in the magazine ‘Somerset Digital Studio’ in the Spring (US) Edition 2018 at the beginning of the year. It is very exciting and humbling to have your image chosen for publication.



I’ve been working on my art quite a bit lately, and it’s fun to create images from photos in my library, like this snarling cheetah.

This weekend I have 5 art images on exhibit at the Kaiapoi Art Expo. I’ve exhibited my photographs here before, but this is the first time I’m exhibiting art pieces. An exciting time!

As well as this, I am booked to be a feature artist in the Artists Down Under magazine in October. I’ve been having some success being published in art magazines and I’m looking forward to having more published in the future. I love the photography of course, and I am really enjoying taking some of it to another level.

Wreck of the MV Tuhoe at dawn.


Sadly the MV Tuhoe went aground on the 27th September 2015, at the Waimakariri river mouth while she was on her way home to her berth in Kaiapoi. A rescue attempt was made to get her off the sand bar, but to no avail. Her age and the conditions were against her and the decision was made to demolish her. It took two days to take her apart, and this photo was taken between those two days. The stern half of her is shown here in the hour before sunrise.

The waves were pounding her rather fiercely here at high tide, although the long camera exposure has smoothed the waters to create this calm and colourful image.

Out with the old…


Happy New Year everyone!

Another year to place on the dusty shelf of our memories. We gradually forget most things that happen in years past. Forgotten, covered in dust and cobwebs, until someone triggers a memory. Then we quickly dust it off and bring it to the fore, but it so often isn’t what it used to be. Our memory gets a little rusty.

While we tuck away 2013, we view the new year with enthusiasm and optimism. At least that’s the intent!

What are your plans for 2014? Mine starts off with a family event. There’s nothing like a wedding to spark off the happy feelings and some of those memories will stay a little shinier.

When it comes to keeping memories shiny and in good condition, there’s nothing like a camera. A great tool that has served mankind well for many years. Like most tools, there’s usually a newer, shinier, better, bigger (or smaller), more featured and complicated model available.

I guess the old model then gets put on the shelf. Gathering dust and cobwebs, getting all seized up and rusty.