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My side of the road got a bit stale. I felt I was in a rut. My last blog post was in the new year, and I’ve not done anything to my blog since. Somehow the grass looked greener on the other side of the road.

I looked at maybe crossing the road, but there was too much traffic and it looked scary.

My thoughts in early January were: How do I advance my photography to the next level? What do I need to do this year to get ahead? But most of all where do I want to go?

I don’t want to photograph weddings or portraits. In fact I don’t want to do commercial photography. It’s not that I can’t, it is rather that I have no interest to go that route.

So, what do I want to do? I love nature, landscape, animals, macro, abstract, fine arts. Any commercial value in any of these things? No. There is little to nothing to gain financially pursuing this kind of photography. But I’m an artist at heart and I want to create beautiful artistic work. So, fine art photography is what attracts me the most.

But photography is not cheap. People think it’s easy these days and they equate easy with cheap, but don’t be fooled. To be a good photographer requires some money for good gear, and is very costly in time.

So, I do need some financial return, but I also need some return on the outlay of my time. I asked at a forum, what is out there in the world that would suit the likes of me and perhaps generate a small financial return? I got one glimpse of what’s across the road. Next, I asked myself what does one do with the fine art work? Hide it so no-one sees it? Only me? No. I do love to share my work. So what’s the best way to share?

The answer to that one is to display it. How? Suddenly the lure of the greener grass on the other side of the road was too much for me. I needed to go there. I crossed.

Watch this space to see what I’m up to…

Happy New Year everyone!

Another year to place on the dusty shelf of our memories. We gradually forget most things that happen in years past. Forgotten, covered in dust and cobwebs, until someone triggers a memory. Then we quickly dust it off and bring it to the fore, but it so often isn’t what it used to be. Our memory gets a little rusty.

While we tuck away 2013, we view the new year with enthusiasm and optimism. At least that’s the intent!

What are your plans for 2014? Mine starts off with a family event. There’s nothing like a wedding to spark off the happy feelings and some of those memories will stay a little shinier.

When it comes to keeping memories shiny and in good condition, there’s nothing like a camera. A great tool that has served mankind well for many years. Like most tools, there’s usually a newer, shinier, better, bigger (or smaller), more featured and complicated model available.

I guess the old model then gets put on the shelf. Gathering dust and cobwebs, getting all seized up and rusty.

Today I participated in a GooglePlus Hangout with nine other photographers. The occasion was Martin Bailey’s 400th Podcast Party. I started listening to Martin’s podcasts in 2007, and very quickly downloaded all his previous podcasts. To reach 400 episodes is no mean feat and I admire his dedication and tenacity in continuing to put them out regularly. His podcast (video) recording our hangout can be seen here:

As a beginner in 2007 and 2008, I found his podcasts and blog invaluable and inspiring. I even decided to enter an assignment or two on his forums at the time to help me learn more. The image of mine above was entered in an assignment entitled ‘Abstract’ and was voted best image in the assignment. I was very amused at Martin’s pronunciation of my name when he announced the winners in his podcast (number 140). Apart from my delight at the image’s popularity, this was a huge boost to me as a beginner photographer.

I really wanted to be part of the Hangout as I’ve followed Martin over all these years and I felt I wanted to congratulate him ‘live’ rather than send him an email. I came into the group a bit late as I had some issues with my connection, but I made it.

Martin gave up his ‘day job’ a few years ago to take up photography full time. His photography tours are well known especially the Winter Wonderland one taking in Northern Japan with its snow monkeys, sea eagles and other nature and landscape workshops. If you’re interested, you will find his podcasts (free) in iTunes or in the archives of his website.

If you’re on Google Plus (as I am), you will find the MBP Community here:

This community has taken over where Martin’s forums left off. The spammers and hackers got the better of the old forums. Do visit, it’s a good place to hang out in.

Once again, a heartfelt congratulations to Martin! It’s been a pleasure to share the journey.



You’ve met Thea. You’ve seen her ‘alert’ look. This shot was taken moments after that look.

You may interpret the look as you please, but I can tell you this dog leads the good life! She certainly kept Tom and I amused during our stay.

She couldn’t really be called ‘beautiful’ I guess, but Thea has a beautiful personality and is full of character. I got to know her personality during a four day stay at her place recently. She shares her home with our daughter and son-in-law, her canine companion Gypsy, and cats Hannibal and Velveteen.

Thea’s biggest concern in life is watching out for our daughter. She follows her everywhere. Her next biggest concern is food, and sleep. Exercise? What’s that?

This bulldog expression is about as lively as it gets. She heard her mistress’ voice and became alert. It was my moment to snap her in this pose. There’s another photo of her I like, but I’ll leave that for the next post…