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The much anticipated Kaiapoi Art Expo was held on the weekend. It was a great event and I was happy to be a part of it, not only as an exhibitor but as a helper where needed. This gave me a chance to meet the people behind the scenes such as the organising committee and the other artists.

This was the first time I exhibited here and for me it was very successful. I displayed 5 large canvases and three were purchased. I had some great feedback too.

Going forward, I feel more confident about exhibiting in the future. A new day has begun…


Remember in my post I said I’d ‘crossed the road’? Well of course I meant I’d been proactive and worked at doing something that I hadn’t done before to advance my photography. So…

It’s all go! It’s happening!

First, I’ve been accepted by Offset and my profile and portfolio is up and running with the first of my images added to the library.
Offset is a new stock agency based in New York and a high end off shoot of Shutterstock. They curate and accept only top quality images in their library. I’m pleased to admit some of mine have already been sold. You can see my portfolio here:

The second big event is that I entered the Kaiapoi Art Expo this year and just had my entry confirmed. I’ll be exhibiting 5 canvases of my work on the 19th and 20th of July. The KAE accepts work from local (North Canterbury) artists only and this year will exhibit the work of over 100 of us. This in effect will be my first public exhibition. In a way it’s rather scary, but very exciting at the same time.

So, there you have it. Onwards and upwards?

The image was taken at the Kaiapoi Lakes, looking East South East and featuring the Milky Way. A cold frosty night!

I’ve been very busy! I needed this calm beautiful morning to unwind and recharge my batteries. The mighty Waimakariri River was like glass. A time to reflect (excuse the pun) on where I’m headed.

The two things I’ve been hoping for are happening! Information coming soon…

My side of the road got a bit stale. I felt I was in a rut. My last blog post was in the new year, and I’ve not done anything to my blog since. Somehow the grass looked greener on the other side of the road.

I looked at maybe crossing the road, but there was too much traffic and it looked scary.

My thoughts in early January were: How do I advance my photography to the next level? What do I need to do this year to get ahead? But most of all where do I want to go?

I don’t want to photograph weddings or portraits. In fact I don’t want to do commercial photography. It’s not that I can’t, it is rather that I have no interest to go that route.

So, what do I want to do? I love nature, landscape, animals, macro, abstract, fine arts. Any commercial value in any of these things? No. There is little to nothing to gain financially pursuing this kind of photography. But I’m an artist at heart and I want to create beautiful artistic work. So, fine art photography is what attracts me the most.

But photography is not cheap. People think it’s easy these days and they equate easy with cheap, but don’t be fooled. To be a good photographer requires some money for good gear, and is very costly in time.

So, I do need some financial return, but I also need some return on the outlay of my time. I asked at a forum, what is out there in the world that would suit the likes of me and perhaps generate a small financial return? I got one glimpse of what’s across the road. Next, I asked myself what does one do with the fine art work? Hide it so no-one sees it? Only me? No. I do love to share my work. So what’s the best way to share?

The answer to that one is to display it. How? Suddenly the lure of the greener grass on the other side of the road was too much for me. I needed to go there. I crossed.

Watch this space to see what I’m up to…

Happy New Year everyone!

Another year to place on the dusty shelf of our memories. We gradually forget most things that happen in years past. Forgotten, covered in dust and cobwebs, until someone triggers a memory. Then we quickly dust it off and bring it to the fore, but it so often isn’t what it used to be. Our memory gets a little rusty.

While we tuck away 2013, we view the new year with enthusiasm and optimism. At least that’s the intent!

What are your plans for 2014? Mine starts off with a family event. There’s nothing like a wedding to spark off the happy feelings and some of those memories will stay a little shinier.

When it comes to keeping memories shiny and in good condition, there’s nothing like a camera. A great tool that has served mankind well for many years. Like most tools, there’s usually a newer, shinier, better, bigger (or smaller), more featured and complicated model available.

I guess the old model then gets put on the shelf. Gathering dust and cobwebs, getting all seized up and rusty.