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I don’t know exactly what this construction was used for, but it’s been abandoned and left to decay for some time. The shutes underneath are rusty and open which suggests nothing left inside. The wooden door and bits are rotting, and there are holes in the roof and lots of rusty bolts sticking out of the concrete.

So often when something is no longer wanted it’s just left. We see it everywhere. More often than not it looks ugly, but occasionally its setting is beautiful. Stormy weather near sunset can make anything look good!

If you find this image has an apocalyptic feel to it, it is intentional. I wish to make more like this.

It must be Spring

So many lovely flowers are blooming now we are spoilt for choice to photograph. These Iceland Poppies in a bed in the park were just too tempting to ignore. The bees thought so too…

Love the light!


Back in February on a calm and beautiful morning I walked along the shore of Onawe Peninsula in Akaroa Harbour. I was intrigued by the rocks. Their swirls and strange outcropping had me inspecting them keenly. I realised that this was the result of volcanic action a long time ago.

I had taken some photos while they were still in the shade, but as the sun appeared above the hills the light suddenly highlighted them and streamed through the little gap between the cliff and the rocky outcrop. It was then I got serious with the camera. The light was magic.

I’ve recently gone through the archives to cull photos that I know will never be seen by anyone but me. We all have them. Failures. The ones that make you wonder what on earth you were thinking! The bloopers that you forgot to delete at the end of the day. Not all of course deserve to be binned so ruthlessly. There are images that although flawed, are important for one reason or another. Maybe they are ‘sketch’ images that show how you worked the scene to ultimately come up with the ‘keepers’. They too will most likely never be seen by anyone but me. Only my favourites, the ones I love the best, will ever go on display for other eyes to see.

I had forgotten about this little gem. Probably because February was a busy month… But when I came across it in the archives, it grabbed me anew and I remembered the moment…

Out with the old…


Happy New Year everyone!

Another year to place on the dusty shelf of our memories. We gradually forget most things that happen in years past. Forgotten, covered in dust and cobwebs, until someone triggers a memory. Then we quickly dust it off and bring it to the fore, but it so often isn’t what it used to be. Our memory gets a little rusty.

While we tuck away 2013, we view the new year with enthusiasm and optimism. At least that’s the intent!

What are your plans for 2014? Mine starts off with a family event. There’s nothing like a wedding to spark off the happy feelings and some of those memories will stay a little shinier.

When it comes to keeping memories shiny and in good condition, there’s nothing like a camera. A great tool that has served mankind well for many years. Like most tools, there’s usually a newer, shinier, better, bigger (or smaller), more featured and complicated model available.

I guess the old model then gets put on the shelf. Gathering dust and cobwebs, getting all seized up and rusty.