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About me


This site is about my work, my vision and my images and not about me. But well, you are here, so I figure you’d like to know just who I am. And, that’s me on the right, and yes, I do play bass guitar.


I am a photographer (obviously), but for most of my ‘working’ life I’ve been a graphic designer. I’ve been working with photographs and computer software long before picking up a camera myself. In truth, I came to photography rather late in life and I wish I’d started when I was young.

I am an amateur. Defined by the dictionary as “A person who engages in an activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit”. Amateur should not be confused with ‘beginner’.

I am a professional. Defined by the dictionary as “someone who engages in an activity as a means of livelihood or for gain”. I sell my work. Prints, magazines, books, canvases, stock – are all ways I sell, and have sold, my images.



I’m based in Canterbury, New Zealand. Some say this land is a paradise. Yes, agreed. But when it comes to photography, you will find paradise all over the world. It’s a matter of ‘seeing’ it.


Web Presence

Apart from here, you will find my work on various sites.

OffSet – OffSet is a wonderful stock site. It is a high end offshoot of Shutterstock. It contains a curated collection of images in its library. My profile can be found here: OffSet Profile

MyChillybin – A New Zealand based stock site featuring NZ only images. They have “Fresh NZ photos and images for use in brochures, ads, websites and posters; and for editorial use in reports, newsletters, mags, and books.” My profile is here: MyChillybin Profile

Google + – If you’d like to interact with me on a social media site, it is possible to find me onGoogle Plus. However, due to time constraints I am not as often there as I used to be. I can be found here: Profile on G+

Facebook – I have an Art page here. Winter’s Heart
I call it Winter’s Heart, because I feel I am in the winter time of my life. A byline I use is: Winter’s Heart is not cold, it burns with a passion to create…

500px – Claims to be the world’s best photo sharing site. It’s a wonderful site to view extraordinary work by  photographic artists everywhere. I love perusing the site. My profile can be found here: 500 px Profile


I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend. In short, an ordinary person with a camera welded to her hand most of the time.

I follow a range of renowned photographers and appreciate how they have inspired me.

Martin Bailey who I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with on a Google + Hangout and who is based in Japan. Martin has an extensive website and blog, and has some fabulous tours available. The MBP community on Google+, set up by Martin to replace the forums he used to run, is a great place to hang out in. Click on his name to take you to Martin’s blog.

David duChemin who is a world and humanitarian photographer. I have found his advice and books extremely useful. His motto is: Gear is good, Vision is better. I recommend the Craft & Vision website he founded for lots of useful info and the fabulous low cost eBooks.

There are others, too numerous to mention, but in the continued learning of my craft, these two had the most profound effect.


I think by now you should have an idea of what I’m all about. My images will tell you more. They are a ‘piece’ of me. They show my moods and feelings. My world and my perceptions of it are wrapped up in them and (I hope) they reveal the beauty and magic I see around me, my way, through my eyes and my camera lens…