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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Making the most of an opportunity

Hearing about a stranded yacht on a local beach, I wanted to see about taking a photo of it. Hundreds of people took snapshots of it, and the media was full of those. But I wondered about the potential of a different sort of capture. My friend and photography partner Bex and I decided a dawn shoot might be good with the sunrise and perhaps the lights of the local Pier in the background too. And so we arranged a 5 am start one morning. There was a heavy fog that morning and we took photos galore of the yacht in that strange eerie scene, but we didn’t get our lovely sunrise.

Then I realised it was a full moon, and instead of a sunrise, why not a moonrise? The above is the result. Not without getting wet feet mind you! And it wasn’t warm. I spent two hours making photos at different angles and waiting for clouds to part enough. But it was wonderful to be ‘in the zone’ and making images. There’s something magical about night time photography…


Working with Models – part 2

This piece is called “As Time Collapses”. The model, Pete, was photographed on a black background holding the crystal ball. As I said in the previous post, I do not often make photos of people so this was quite an experiment for me to undertake. Pete made it easy for me by being excellent at trying out different poses.

This image, plus the original shot, was published in an article by Sebastian Michaels in the magazine ‘Somerset Digital Studio’ in the Spring (US) Edition 2018 at the beginning of the year. It is very exciting and humbling to have your image chosen for publication.