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Monthly Archives: February 2016

White Light


Sometimes you need a nudge, or a kick maybe! Someone gave me a challenge on Facebook. That forced me to go through my archives for suitable images. The challenge was 1 nature image per day for 7 days, and you had to nominate someone each day to do the same.

So, searching my archives I realised I had a lot more images than I thought that were actually ‘post’ worthy. This was one of them. Never before viewed by anyone except myself.

This in turn reminded me that, horrors, my blog is sadly neglected. And I thought, well there is no reason why some of these images cannot be posted on my own blog page. I also will add some to the image galleries, but in the meantime, enjoy!

This image was taken in the Botanic Gardens last year. There was a carpet of these pretty little white flowers, so I got down to ground level and aimed through the flowers at one that appealed and I considered had nice light. I love backlit subjects! The sunlight dappled through trees and bushes enhanced the lighting, and using a telephoto lens and large aperture I was able to isolate just this flower.