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The Local Creek


The local creek is just an ordinary drainage ditch type creek. Emptying into the Waimakariri river in Kairaki near the mouth means it is tidal with brackish water. Walking along the stop bank however, is a pleasure. Sometimes a white heron can be seen standing motionless at the edge of the water. Sometimes the kingfishers perch on the remains of small boat jetties. In whitebait season there are fisherman not far from the floodgate.

My favourite time to walk here is when it’s foggy, usually early in the morning but sometimes late in the evening. I’m slowly building a bit of a portfolio of foggy creek scenes. This one shows a ‘Waimak Flattie’ chained to its mooring. These old-fashioned flat bottomed river fishing boats are beginning to disappear. I never see this one go out now. And it’s beginning to show signs of dis-repair. I hope the owner will preserve it.