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Monthly Archives: December 2015

The Local Creek


The local creek is just an ordinary drainage ditch type creek. Emptying into the Waimakariri river in Kairaki near the mouth means it is tidal with brackish water. Walking along the stop bank however, is a pleasure. Sometimes a white heron can be seen standing motionless at the edge of the water. Sometimes the kingfishers perch on the remains of small boat jetties. In whitebait season there are fisherman not far from the floodgate.

My favourite time to walk here is when it’s foggy, usually early in the morning but sometimes late in the evening. I’m slowly building a bit of a portfolio of foggy creek scenes. This one shows a ‘Waimak Flattie’ chained to its mooring. These old-fashioned flat bottomed river fishing boats are beginning to disappear. I never see this one go out now. And it’s beginning to show signs of dis-repair. I hope the owner will preserve it.

Red on White


It’s the time of year when flowers bloom, veges are growing, the weeds are rampant, the lawn needs mowing twice a day, and the aphids are overwhelming the roses!

Well, I do try to keep on top of it all, but I don’t spray my garden with insect killer. The aphids are mostly washed off with a strong jet of water, which also takes care of the spent blooms. Of course, I never get them all, but then I don’t want to. They attract the predators such as the ladybug. Also, the mantis are out there and growing. These insects are far more interesting and great to photograph. Of course that’s not the only reason I don’t use the killer spray. I just don’t like the stuff and much prefer a more balanced ecosystem in the garden.

This season, I’ve managed to photograph a number of insects. Not always easy as they prefer not to pose for me, but I try my best. I do not subscribe to killing my subjects in order to photograph them, and so I was horrified recently to read in a book about how to make a ‘killing jar’ to quickly and efficiently kill any insect for the purpose of setting them up as photographic subjects. I don’t even like to kill spiders for this purpose although I am arachnophobic.

I will be updating the gallery in due course. 🙂

Wreck of the MV Tuhoe at dawn.


Sadly the MV Tuhoe went aground on the 27th September 2015, at the Waimakariri river mouth while she was on her way home to her berth in Kaiapoi. A rescue attempt was made to get her off the sand bar, but to no avail. Her age and the conditions were against her and the decision was made to demolish her. It took two days to take her apart, and this photo was taken between those two days. The stern half of her is shown here in the hour before sunrise.

The waves were pounding her rather fiercely here at high tide, although the long camera exposure has smoothed the waters to create this calm and colourful image.