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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Blue day


Our swan plants have been host to many Monarch caterpillars, and I’ve been keeping an eye on emerging butterflies. This one was was almost ready to fly away and proved a very willing model. I love the colour contrast in this image.

Every now and then I get the macro ‘bug’. Making images of things small is fascinating. It’s not particularly easy though, and the concentration is very tiring. If the subjects are small critters, it is especially difficult as they rarely sit still. Once they do sit still, you find the light is bad, they have their back to you and as soon as you move to their front they decide to turn around again, or you can’t frame the shot nicely because you can’t move your tripod closer. And then there’s the background… That’s a whole other issue! But, when everything comes together, macro can be very satisfying.