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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Fascinating Fungi


I am finding fungi quite intriguing. To photograph them can get quite awkward at times though. Although not with this image, I find myself often lying on my stomach to get the ground level angle I like. This has created a few funny situations, like my turning up home with clothes wet down my front, or having some insects like ants and centipedes using me as a public walkway, and once I had a Weka (native NZ bird) peck at the soles of my shoes. Maybe I should invest in an angle view finder…

It’s Summer…

There’s lots of colour in the garden. Yesterday morning it was bright overcast and calm, and ideal for some flower closeups. I was attracted to the Hebe bush next to the compost bin. The flowers are tiny but very pretty in shades from almost white through lavender and darker to a purple blue.
I’m quite pleased with the result and now I’m motivated to look at some other flower. Hmmm, my lilies are looking good… 🙂