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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Moonlight on the Harbour


The lunar eclipse was interesting, but not nearly as nice as the scene overlooking the harbour. The moon was reflecting off the water and there were interesting patterns as the tide went out. The lights of Diamond Harbour glittered beautifully, and although we froze because the temperature and wind chill were extremely cold, it was still a magic night…



I don’t know exactly what this construction was used for, but it’s been abandoned and left to decay for some time. The shutes underneath are rusty and open which suggests nothing left inside. The wooden door and bits are rotting, and there are holes in the roof and lots of rusty bolts sticking out of the concrete.

So often when something is no longer wanted it’s just left. We see it everywhere. More often than not it looks ugly, but occasionally its setting is beautiful. Stormy weather near sunset can make anything look good!

If you find this image has an apocalyptic feel to it, it is intentional. I wish to make more like this.