Making image magic…

My vision and imagination…

Why don’t you join me on a journey and explore the world through my eyes and camera lens. See what’s in my back yard, almost feel the dampness in a rainforest, or become lost in another world on a foggy morning.


My name is Thysje (Taysha), and I live in Canterbury, New Zealand, with the love of my life who tells me I ‘see’ things differently from other folk. I think most photographers do!

If you’d like to get to know me a bit better, there’s always the ‘About me’ page.


About me

A Visual Treat

You might like to know what I get up to when attempting to make that magic image. In that case, I advise checking out the blog. Each Post features an image, a visual reference if you like, of whatever magical thing or scene has inspired me to blog about.



Image Magic

The shelves in the Library are are slowly being filled with some of my favourite images.  More galleries of images will soon be stacked on the Library shelves. Don’t let them get dusty, go take them down now and then and see what I saw. 


Random Images
WestCoastHoliday_282.jpg fern_130203_091508.jpg macro_120515_125644.jpg Cathedral_100730_141445.jpg macro_120724_132938.jpg WestCoastHoliday_273.jpg Cathedral_100730_140238.jpg fern_130205_110857.jpg Cathedral_100730_135025.jpg Otago_110104_0873.jpg